Our College Organized a Vigorous Walking Activity    (2022-03-02 16:58:49)

Our College Successfully Complete the Returning Work of Spring-semester    (2022-02-22 17:12:29)

Secretary of the Party committee of the College, Yin Zhiguo Inspected the Campus Security Work    (2022-02-22 14:52:49)

Vice President of Jiangsu University, Chen Hong Paid an In-depth Visit to Students’ Dormitory    (2021-11-18 15:17:49)

Our College Held the Forth Sports Meeting    (2021-11-03 16:04:31)


Our College Held the 2022 Graduate Employment Conference    (2022-02-24 15:56:40)

Zhang Xiaodong, Professor of Philosophy Department of Nanjing University Made an Academic Lecture in Our College    (2021-12-13 16:25:43)

Our College Carry out the Safety Management Inspection    (2021-10-26 16:01:01)

Our College Held a New Semester Student Work Conference    (2021-09-06 16:39:46)

Leaders of Our College Visited and Sympathized with the Teachers and Students Working in the Front Line of Enrollment...    (2021-08-13 15:10:05)

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